SPCheker is currently able to take in Taverna workflows (.t2flow).

SPCheker is used to check whether or not a scientific workflow is an SP workflow. If you would like to rewrite a non SP workflow into SP workflow while preserving provenance, you can use the SPFlow system.

To start SPChecker, please click on the button:





You need to have Java 1.6 or 1.6+ installed. (click here for help)

If using Internet Explorer you might not notice the IE information bar at the top of the window (asking if you agree to run the Sun Java WebStart ActiveX), you will need to accept this if it shows up
Functionalities available (since Feb 2013):

Check whether or not a Taverna 2 workflow is an SP workflow
Provide a report of reasons why the workflow has Non-SP structure [3]

related Publictions

[1] Scientific Workflow Rewriting while Preserving Provenance (Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Christine Froidevaux, Jiuqiang Chen) In Proc. of the 8th IEEE International Conference in eScience, 2012.


[2] SPFlow: Make your scientific workflows easier to use (Jiuqiang Chen, Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Christine Froidevaux) submitted to SSDBM (demo track)


[3] Distilling scientific workflow structure (Jiuqiang Chen, Christine Froidevaux, Carole Goble, Alan Williams, Sarah Cohen-Boulakia) In Proc. of the 12th International Workshop on Network Tools and Applications in Biology Nettab 2012 (poster), 2012.